Unique Guesthouses 

Stay in the peace and tranquility of the forest in the Burgundian countryside between Guédelon and Vezelay

Open from Easter to All Saints' Day

You are welcome to stay in one of the three unique cottages, the shepherds hut's to live in simplicity. 

Each accommodation has its own atmosphere. The caravans are all equipped with a good bed and small kitchen. We are an ecological center and attach great importance to living in harmony with nature. In this way, we reduce our waste and are autonomous in terms of electricity. There is also a vegetable garden on site and there are chickens that lay delicious organic eggs.

We are an adults only resort

In the accommodation:

- Bed linen/sheets etc. -Gas stove - Plates, cutlery, cooking utensils.- fridge box, - night bucket, rechargeable lamps, - Tourist information, salt, pepper, oil, vinager, tea.

There is no running water or electricity in your accommodation. Water is provides and elecricity is in the bathroom  

On site:

-WI-FI - Toilet and shower - Freezer/fridge - Electricity to charge your devices.


Per night : 1 person 50 euro, 2 persons 65 euros

Per week (7 nights) : 1 person 300 euro, 2 people 430 euros

Shop/ brocante

eggs,honey, beer, wine, decorations and brocante