When you breathe in, you take on the strength of God. When You Exhale, You Are Doing the World a Service (B.K. Iyengar)


Anya Willekens

Owner of Umai Naturellement, yoga teacher and artist.


From an early age I have been interested in art, nature, culture and philosophy. The choice to study museology was therefore an obvious one for me. I graduated from the Academy of Museology in the field of museum communication and education. My love for living in and with nature is also a long-cherished wish that has been fulfilled since 4 years by moving to France.


Over the course of the past 20 years, I became increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy body. In addition to taking yoga classes, I also started running intensively. My running trainer has alerted me to giving cool-down sessions after running. This led me to follow a training to become a hatha-yoga teacher. In yoga classes, I adapt to the participants. Based on Hatha yoga with a touch of Kundalini and Yin yoga, I offer relaxation, strength and flexibility. My classes are open to everyone. During yoga classes we value safety and injury prevention.

The lessons take place as much as possible in nature, for example at the Lac du Bourdon or on the banks of the river Yonne.


From my interest in philosophy and religion, I became interested in nature religions and shamanism as a young adult. Around 2002 I came into contact with the technique of Olga Kharitidi, author of The Path to the Shaman. I started to become more proficient in this. In my center I offer yoga and shamanic retreats according to the Altai culture. In collaboration with others, we organize various creative and spiritual activities here.


In recent years I have received many reactions about my hostess. It is always a pleasure for me to see guests leave with a relaxed and cheerful smile, satisfied and rested to go home again. When I'm tidying up and cleaning everything again, I often discover thank you messages in different forms.

Check the calendar for more information and contact me for questions or reservations.

Warm greetings and goodbye, Anya