Umai Naturellement is a collective name for a number of activities;


It is a small-scale yoga and creative center in Burgundy (Yonne-Puisaye).

You can go to Umainaturellement for yoga classes in the Puisaye region and/or participate in creative and spiritual activities.


On this site you will also find information about (online) sessions, courses in dream healing and the guidance program.

shepherds huts

You are welcome to stay in the idyllic countrysite of Burgundy in one of the 3 charming wooden shepherdshuts. These residences are open to guests from April to October.

We are an ecological center and attach great importance to living in harmony with nature. In this way, we reduce our waste and are autonomous in terms of electricity. There is also a vegetable garden on site and there are chickens that lay delicious organic eggs.


still in preparation a webshop with Mobiles and other decorations