Altai shamanism

Altai shamanism is based on frequency (energy), as are other original cultures, such as the Indians in North and South America, the Aborigines in Australia and the original inhabitants in Africa and Asia. The Celts also worked with energy. Everything is energy and works with the law of resonance; vibrating and vibrating with energy. We are going to work with energy and lucid dreaming. Everything we carry with us in terms of memories, experiences, dramas and traumas resonates with its own resonance. As long as the environment vibrates with it, it remains. If you create a different resonance yourself, the memory, trauma, etc. ceases to exist. Resonances of your parents and ancestors also have an influence and are present in your genetic memory. In shamanism, these memories are called spirits of trauma or memory spirits. We work with the help of the great mother goddess "UMAI".


To help you heal, I guide you on your path of healing/self-healing

It is possible to book one or more online sessions.

In the first individual session, we go to the space of what presents itself. I guide you in your dream healing. You can come across all kinds of things. But you don't go into the trauma. That's the big advantage of this method. An innocent image that sends you away can harbor terrible trauma when you don't even need to know what trauma. The resonance has dissolved and that's what matters.


In the course you will learn the background of Altai shamanism (and we make links to shamanism from other cultures) and you will work to take back the power over yourself and heal yourself.

As long as trauma spirits are not healed, they cause new dramas in our lives again and again. In fact, we also pass on unhealed trauma spirits to our children, so that our children also have to go through these dramas and in turn pass it on to the next generation. And that's how we keep going.

When the trauma spirits are healed, the resonance is gone. Your environment no longer resonates with your resonance. Because you no longer have the vibrations, you can no longer vibrate with them. The trauma spirit that plays tricks on you in daily life can be found on your circle of life. There on your circle of life you heal the trauma spirit that you have found. The source of the resonance. Where is the source of the resonance? You can find that source, or the cause of the trauma spirits, and also heal it. And you have to if you want to get rid of all the resonance of that one drama in your life for you, your parents, for your ancestors and for future generations and all those you are now connected to.

A personal healing for yourself is a healing on an energetic level for everyone with whom you are connected. In the now. In the past and in the future. It eventually becomes a universal healing. Online Course Shamanic Healing (dream healing)

Take back power over yourself and start living your dream life. Start working with this shamanic healing method that you can perform anytime, anywhere. And embark on the path to healing in the infinite web of energy.

The way of healing "becoming whole" that you will learn comes from the Altai, an area in Russia where ancient knowledge about healing is passed on by the shamans and is also called "The White Faith".


In the 1980s, a Russian psychiatrist Olga Karithidi translated this age-old technique in a simple way and started sharing knowledge.

(Book; The Path to the Shaman). My teacher Fransje Bik was trained by Olga and is now sharing her knowledge again. I have followed the courses with Fransje for years. Since 2021, I have been guiding people in their sessions and passing on my knowledge in the dream healing courses.


First, we make an appointment for one or more individual online sessions.

After that, you can register for the first course. We work with a small group of a maximum of 6 participants. This is how we create a safe and pleasant environment. Because we are our own instrument, it is nice to return to your own base and be distracted as little as possible by external stimuli such as your phone and social media.

The theory is clearly explained and of course you can always ask questions. Make sure you have enough paper on hand to make notes/drawings. You can also write down your own exercises so that you can go over them later.

The course consists of four two-hour online meetings. After each lesson, you will be given homework and you will receive the presentation. At the end of the course, we will agree on a follow-up moment together.


Individual session €45

Course €225

Sunday (dates for 2023/2024 are not yet known)

11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Dutch

4 p.m. to 6 p.m. English


After this course you will find yourself on the path of self-healing. After that, you can choose to participate in the follow-up course in which you learn to heal others. In the second course, we also learn to shape our own future. After that, you can learn to intensify the techniques in the third course (therapist course). The starting point of this way of healing is to eventually teach people to help themselves and not to be dependent on a therapist / healer / coach etc. The prices for the second and third courses are the same as for the first course.

Prefer to be on location?

From April to November my site is open and there is the possibility to follow the course on location in the forest. A nice combination can be to take the first course online and the second course on location in Burgundy.

Upcoming date: May 26 to May 31, 2024

Experience of one of the participants

I found the course to be very instructive. You have sparked the spark that I had somewhere in me for working from shamanism. I'm grateful for that because I couldn't get a handle on it until this course. It is another world, and you have brought this world to me. What a richness! Your dedication, listening ear and inspiring words have nourished me in many areas. It fits exactly with where I am in my life and work. I still have a lot of practice to do and my wish is to do the follow-up course to use this for others.

Many thanks again dear Anya💜

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