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Venture forth on a voyage of self-discovery with the aid of dream healing and shamanic guidance. Through these mystical arts, I shall lead you to unveil hidden truths, shift your gaze towards new horizons, and unearth resolutions to your inner quests. Dream healing, a mystical dance of release and renewal, offers a gateway to shed the past and beckon fresh wonders into your existence. Are you drawn to this mystical odyssey? Reach out, and together we shall weave our destinies in an ethereal online encounter.

Dream Healing Session

  • Utilizing the shaman's drum, you will enter a state of lucid dreaming where you are conscious while dreaming.
  • I will guide you through a lucid dream session, delving into your subconscious to unearth and address buried elements.
  • Together, we will eliminate negative elements and reintegrate forgotten parts of yourself (soul pieces).
  • The healing sessions offer insights, block unwanted frequencies (traumas or trauma spirits), and introduce you to your power animals.
  • We will work with the energy of the great mother goddess (Umai) to aid in your development or to break free from old patterns and negative experiences.
  • You have the option to book a single session or multiple sessions for specific areas you wish to work on.
  • If you seek ongoing healing or spiritual growth, you can embark on the healing path or consider enrolling in the dream healing course.

Path of Healing

  • This 8-week guidance program is tailored to your spiritual development, addressing burnout, boredom, or helping you find your path.
  • The plan includes dream healing sessions, yoga, meditation, and creative activities.
  • The program comprises various sessions and assignments to support your growth and self-discovery.

Course Dream Healing I

  • Learn to guide yourself in dream healing over four sessions using the method developed by Fransje Bik.
  • Gain insights into shamanism, its history, and the background of dream healing.
  • Work in small groups of up to five participants.

Course Dream Healing II

  • After mastering dream healing, you can learn to assist others in their dream sessions.
  • This course offers online meetings to practice guiding others through dream healing.
  • The course can be taken individually or in a group, with flexible scheduling.

Price List

  • 1 session dream healing: €45 (Approx. 1.5 hours)
  • 5 sessions dream healing: €200
  • 1 online yoga session: €45
  • 5 online yoga sessions: €200
  • Path of Healing 8 weeks: €495
  • Dream Healing Course I: €225
  • Dream Healing Course II: €225


  • Participants have shared their positive experiences, expressing gratitude for the transformative impact of the courses and sessions.

Testimonials highlight the deep healing and insights gained through dream healing sessions, emphasizing the profound impact of the tailored guidance provided. 

Testimonial  of one of the participants

I experienced the course to be very instructive. You have sparked the spark that I had somewhere in me for working from shamanism. I'm grateful for that because I couldn't get a handle on it until this course. It is another world, and you have brought this world to me. What a richness! Your dedication, listening ear and inspiring words have nourished me in many areas. It fits exactly with where I am in my life and work. I still have a lot of practice to do and my wish is to do the follow-up course to use this for others.

Many thanks again dear Anya💜

Testimonial of a dream healing session

During the dream healing, I ended up in a deeper layer of my subconscious through Anya's guidance. Layer by layer, situations emerged that were allowed to be given space. I met my totem animals, who went on their way as helpers. As soon as something wasn't needed to remember, Anya helped to let it go and investigate further. This brought up grief for me that could still be processed. It gave me the insight that this could be seen to no longer stand between myself and the future. Feeling this emotion has made me lighter. Anya's tailored guidance made it feel safe to go there. It was a beautiful experience!